About us

Our History

Ownership Asset Management Services was founded in 2003 by and initially placed high-yield ship funds for private and institutional investors with the Emissionshaus GmbH.
In the following, an own trust company took over the management and in 2008, the portfolio was expanded to include NMI Capital for alternative investments.
With an investment volume of well over EUR 1 billion, Ownership was already one of the largest providers of KG models. The changing market was always taken into account, so that after the successful completion of the financial restructurings, Ownership Asset Management Service GmbH is now, in addition to asset management, a specialist for:
Due diligence services (financial, commercial, technical)
Transaction advisory services
Processing of loan portfolios and administration of loans
Initiation of asset management companies
Strategic advice to management and shareholders
Execution of M&A, fleet expansion and project finance mandates
Acquisition and disposal of vessels, loans and companies